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Texas Techs Crabtree Likely Headed To The Nfl

We wish him the best, and Im sure hell do well.. Texas Tech coach Mike Leach said his star wide receiver, redshirt Sophomore Michael Crabtree, is headed to NFL. I think hes that [the NFL] and I think that his best decision for him, Leach said late Friday evening.
14.1.09 15:40

Need For Speed Undercover

This means that you must prove your skills on the streets of races, evading the police in high speed chases through the open-world city and jobs for the band, as the delivery of security in their car stolen. You play an undercover agent, to infiltrate a street racing gang involved in car theft and high-level smuggling. As imaginary chase through the Tri-City Bay takes place before your eyes, the camera swoops in to the place where the driver seat - and suddenly, without warning, is re in control of the vehicle. This is a game designed for accessibility: a pick-up-and-play thrill ride. And it sa racing game with a story, told in fun, if cheesy, movie sequences, rather than graphic cut-scenes. PS3, Wii 39 99, PC, the latest installment of EA street-racing franchise opened in grand style. And the taste of what it knows come sa.
14.1.09 15:40

Tomb Raider Fell Short Eidos Says

Release on Christmas and Nov. Eidos said it had sold 1.5 million copies of the latest Lara Croft adventure, Tomb Raider, including the game U.S. That was far short of estimates, although there to reach the top 10 in sales in Europe, due to a weak start of sales in North America.. 18.
14.1.09 15:40

Tv This Week William Petersen Leaves Csi American Idol Returns Patrick Swayze Stars In The Beast

CSI airs at 9 p. ) A warning: The serial-killer terrain is extremely disturbing and grisly. I ll start with CSI. Thursday. If you ve never been a fan of the forensic drama, you want to go back to see Gil Grissom (William Petersen) leave the CBS series. (Thank you,. M. Petersen, for giving us a classic character. The final scenes are very satisfactory, and are passionate Petersen reminded why it was crucial for the show success. L farewell are heard and sweet, not SAPPY. But the act of the new series regular contributions Laurence Fishburne and guest star Bill Irwin are stellar.
14.1.09 15:40

Double The Bump For Brooke Mueller Nbsp Sheen

When couples get children this spring, which will join sister Cassandra Jade, 23, with former girlfriend Paula Charlies profits, as well as Sam, 4, and Lola Rose, 3, with ex-wife Denise Richards. The couple announced the pregnancy in August. Brooke, pregnant with two children, is due April 26th, this will be his first child. Dad is Charlie Sheen. Theres two babies in there! A pending Brooke Mueller Sheen, 31, stands on a Time Out Spot while attending the Boom Boom Room Wonderland Children Gifts on Thursday in Century City, Calif..
14.1.09 15:40


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